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As you can see from the chart below, the pathways into the legal profession are quite complicated. Ace Law Tutor™ offers consulting, which includes in-depth advice for parents and intending law students (in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong) as well as other professionals considering switching to the legal profession, who want to know about their options for legal study as well as legal career options, including:

  • Funding
  • Recruitment, including legal careers interview preparation
  • Training Contract applications
  • Pupillages and tenancies
  • Qualifying
  • Inns of Court
  • Alternative Careers
  • CVs and applications to UK law schools

David’s experience in legal career consulting

David has a background in legal career consulting both with students in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, as an officially trained mentor for undergraduate law students at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. and an official mentor for law students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The following is neither a formal nor an exhaustive list of David’s experience and is for guidance only:

  • An overview of what a  legal job involves, particularly important for the student to gain an appreciation of law ‘in the real world’
  • Advice on applying to law school
  • Advice on applying for legal or other jobs, including discussing how the student can improve their employability
  • Advice on CVs and Cover Letters
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Advice on what to do in planned or unplanned gap years, to gain relevant experience (e.g. deferred University place)
  • Advice on how to overcome poor academic results and still get the job you want
  • Advice on networking
  • Insight into communication skills including negotiation, advocacy, legal drafting and dealing with clients
  • Advice on commercial awareness

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