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ACE LAW TUTOR™ is your gateway to a successful career in the legal profession. We are proud to deliver first class tutorial services and legal career consulting. You can choose between one-to-one tutoring (or consulting sessions) and small group tutorial sessions for the following:

Academic Courses

  • LLB Tuition
  • JD Tuition
  • PCLL Conversion Exam Tuition
  • Graduate Entry LLB Tuition
  • CPE Tuition

Bar Exams and Professional Exams

  • PCLL Tuition
  • Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) Tuition
  • Legal Practice Course (LPC) Tuition
  • Barristers Qualification Exam (for admission in Hong Kong)
  • OLQE (Overseas Lawyer Qualification Exams for admission in Hong Kong)
  • HRA Exams (Higher Rights of Audience Exams to become a Solicitor-Advocate)
  • QLTS (The Qualifed Lawyers Transfer Scheme for admission as a solicitor in England and Wales)

Legal Career Consulting

  • For further details of our legal career consulting service please click here

Why choose us?

  • Real practising lawyers: ACE LAW TUTOR™ only allows real practising lawyers in Hong Kong, with excellent academics and international law firm experience to tutor law to students, to give students a real insight into cutting edge legal issues and the legal jobs market.
  • Grade boosting: Students know we can help them improve their grades. We’ve had students who have failed LLB subjects who we’ve helped get 2:1 ‘s on re-sits.
  • Tailored: Unlike other generic law tutorials offered by others, our students have a course of tutorials tailored for them. We are unique in this respect.
  • Quality: We are a high-quality law tutoring service. Students come back repeatedly because they are happy with the service which is specially tailored to each student’s study needs.
  • Confidence: We are so confident in our tutoring that we will even offer you a complimentary consultation call.
  • Fast: We have fast turnaround times for all our offerings.
  • Reliable: Students rely on us to work with them to meet strict deadlines prior to exams, which we always achieve.
  • International: We tutor students based in many different countries and can fly out our tutor to students for special assignments

ACE LAW TUTOR™ is quick! We only need a 90 minute tutorial session, to work quickly together through major topics and past papers, to start seeing results for your legal studies. To cover a subject usually takes 10 hours or less (excluding bar admission courses), which would be studied for one academic year at university.

ACE LAW TUTOR™ is affordable and delivers tailored tutorials, which are examination and coursework focused tutoring, including grade-boosting exam techniques and strategies, as well as coursework support. A tailored tutorial may consist of:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Marked Mock Exam Questions
  • Topic Discussion
  • Seminar Preparation
  • Essay / Coursework Feedback
  • Q&A

ACE LAW TUTOR™ recognises that traditional lecturing at University, to a lecture theatre of hundreds of students, and in large seminar group sessions, does not always cater to all students learning styles. A faster and more efficient way of learning the law and especially examination technique is one to one tuition or small group tutorials. Tutoring can also increase students enjoyment of the subject!

ACE LAW TUTOR™ recognises legal studies are intellectually rigorous, stressful and highly demanding and law schools are often adversarial environments and sometimes law students need some extra support and guidance.

ACE LAW TUTOR™ is authentic. While there are similarly named copy cat sites, where the videos, language or content may sound or look similar to ACE LAW TUTOR™, we are the original pioneer in providing this bespoke and excellent quality service, which has taken us a great deal of hard work to produce.


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Solicitor, LL.M, LLB(Hons), PCLL

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ACE LAW TUTOR™ 很榮幸提供一流的教學服務。對於以下考試準備課程,您可以選擇一對一輔導和小組教程會話









大律師專業培訓課程 (BPTC)

法律实践课程 (LPC)







真正的律師:ACE LAW TUTOR™ 只允許在香港的真正的執業律師,有優秀的學術和國際律師事務所的經驗,為學生講授法律,讓學生真正洞察最前沿的法律問題和法律就業市場。






ACE LAW TUTOR™ 對於在大學將需要一個學年的科目,我們將在約10小時或更短時間內總結我們的教程課程的要點(不包括酒吧入學課程)

ACE LAW TUTOR™,提供價格實惠的定制教程,這是考試和課程重點輔導,包括考試技巧和策略,以及課程支持。這些都有助於提高你的成績。定制教程包括:







ACE LAW TUTOR™ 認識到,大學的傳統講座,數百名學生的講座和大型研討會小組會議並不總是適應所有學生的學習風格。因此,我們想給學生一個更快,更有效的法律學習方式,特別是在我們特別定制的課程中的考試技巧。輔導也可以增加學生的享受主題!




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