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David is a British lawyer based in Asia. He did his undergraduate law degree and master’s degree in law in the United Kingdom and completed the PCLL Conversion Examinations and PCLL in Hong Kong

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David A. Southern, LLM.

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  • Ashley was the only in house author at the time for the Practice Guidance project and I have worked closely with Ashley in this project. Ashley spent time visiting customers and listened to their legal research needs especially in the corporate field. Ashley incorporated his experience and the customers’ feedback into the content.
    Andrew Yeun
    Sales Manager and Country Manager at Getty Images
  • Working with Ashley was a pleasure. His dedication to his work, along with his attention to details, meant that one could really delegate a task to him. A self-motivated and well versed legal professional, all Ashley needs to get a task done is for you to tell him where you want to get to.
    Vanessa Ziea
    Solicitor (HKSAR) Legal Manager at China Xintiandi
  • I gave David hundreds of pages of editing work on behalf of the Thai Department of Corrections, concerning government facts and figures, about corrections and penology all over Asia. The documents were highly detailed and technical but David efficiently and quickly edited and amended the documents, while maintaining the original meaning of the documents.
    Uruya Krisanachinda
    . Penologist, Professional Level Thai Department of Corrections

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