Does Ace Law Tutor™ cater to United Kingdom law students and Hong Kong law students?

Yes, Ace Law Tutor™ tutors law students at a law school in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong law students. The tutorials will meet your universities course syllabus requirements.

Do tutorials take place according to the Hong Kong time zone?

Yes. We schedule tutorials between 10am and 10pm (HKT). So if you are based in the United Kingdom, the latest tutorial would finish at 3pm (GMT). (N.B. This does not apply to special international assignments, when we fly out our tutor to teach the student in their country).

Do you tailor your classes?

Yes, the tutorials are designed to meet students learning needs, in which you can raise any questions that you have. The tutorial may cover everything from full courses to examination answers and techniques, to specific topics that students requested.

Do you have a minimum number of hours that I need to book for a tutorial?

Yes, you must book a minimum of 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for a tutorial. The law is a complex subject and we need at least 90 minutes to start seeing results.

How are tutorials conducted?

They are conducted live on Skype. That means you can do a session in any location you want and you do not need to waste time on travel to and from a classroom or office. You can download Skype to your computer by clicking the link below.

Skype Download

How many tutorials will I need? 

We can tailor the tutorials to cover the topics you wish to cover within the time frame you have in mind. We provide an evaluation of the minimum number of hours required based on the initial complimentary consultation.

Do you provide notes?

Yes, Ace Law Tutor™ will provide handouts including, notes, articles, and cases as appropriate.

How many tutorials will I need a week? 

It depends on what depth you need to cover topics and questions.

How do I prepare for the tutorials?

We wish to give the best value for our students so it is recommended that you send Ace Law Tutor any materials that you want to discuss in the tutorial in advance, including past papers or questions. Sometimes we will set mock exams and questions for you, which we will mark and discuss in the tutorial.

Do you offer marked mock examinations as part of your tutorials?

Yes, we do. According to the individual requirements of each student.

Can you help me assess whether I should appeal from exam results?

Yes, we can do an assessment for you.

How much are tutorials?

We will give you a quote by email based on your requirements.

Do you charge for preparation time for tutorials?

No, we do not charge you for it. There is a lot of research and preparation that goes into each tutorial, however we only charge for face time, so you are getting really good value.

When should I pay?

Ace Law Tutor™ will send out an invoice which you should pay at least two days before the tutorial.

How do I pay?

By bank transfer to the HSBC Hong Kong account details, Ace Law Tutor™ will provide you on the invoice or via Paypal if you are not based in Hong Kong.

Can I cancel or postpone a session?

Once you have booked a time slot then the tuition fee is non-refundable. You can postpone a tutorial, but you need to give two days advance.

Can I have a trial session?

Yes, you can have a 15-minute trial consultation session for free, which we can get to know about your needs and outline to you the tutorials.

Q: Ace Law Tutor™是否適合英國法律學生和香港法律學生?

A: 是的,我們輔導英國和香港的大學法律學生。 本教程將滿足您的大學課程大綱要求。


Q: 教程是否根據香港時區進行?

A: 是。我們安排在上午10點和晚上10點(HKT)之間的教程。所以如果你在英國,最新的教程將在下午3點(GMT)完成。


Q: 你定制你的課嗎?

A: 是的,這些教程旨在滿足學生的學習需求,您可以提出任何問題。 本教程可能涵蓋從全課程到考試答案和技巧,到學生要求的特定主題的任何內容。


Q: 每個教程的最少小時數是多少?

A:是的,你必須至少預訂1.5個小時的教程  法律是一個複雜的主題,我們需要至少兩個小時才能開始看到結果。


Q: 如何進行教程?

A: 他們在Skype上進行現場直播。 這意味著你可以在任何你想要的地方做一個會話,你不需要浪費時間去往和來自教室或辦公室。您可以通過點擊下面的鏈接將Skype下載到您的計算機。




Q: 我需要多少教程?

A: 我們可以定制教程以涵蓋您需要的主題,所需的時間取決於您的學習進度。我們根據初步諮詢對所需的估計小時數進行評估。


Q: 你提供筆記嗎?

A: 是的,Ace Law Tutor™ 法律講師將在適當的講義提供手冊,筆記,文章和案例。


Q: 我需要一周的教程多少?

A: 這取決於你需要涵蓋的主題和問題的深度。


Q: 我如何準備教程?

A: 我們希望為我們的學生提供最好的價值,所以建議您發送Ace法律家教師任何你想在教程中討論的材料,包括以前的文章或問題。有時我們會為您設置模擬考試和問題,我們將在教程中標記和討論。


Q: 你是否提供標記的模擬考試作為你的教程的一部分?

A: 是的。根據每個學生的個人要求。


Q: 你能幫我評估我是否應該對考試結果提出申訴?

A: 是的,我們可以為你做一個評估。


Q: 教程需要多少費用?

A: 我們將根據您的要求通過電子郵件給您報價。


Q: 你是否為教程的準備時間收費?

A: 不,我們不收取費用。每個教程都有很多研究和準備,但我們只收取面對面時間,所以你得到真正好的價值。


Q: 我應該什麼時候付款?

A: Ace Law Tutor™ 法律導師將發出一個發票,你應該在教程前至少兩天支付。


Q: 我如何付款?

A: 通過銀行匯款至匯豐香港賬戶詳情,如果您不在香港,Ace Law Tutor™ 將通過發票或通過Paypal向您提供。


Q: 我可以取消或推遲會話嗎?

A: 一旦你預訂了一個時間段,那麼學費是不可退還的。 你可以推遲一個教程,但你需要提前兩天通知。


Q: 我可以參加試驗嗎?

A: 是的,您可以免費參加15分鐘的試用諮詢會議,我們可以了解您的需求,並向您介紹教程。


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