PCLL Conversion 2018

law-books-lawyer-treatise-legal-researchAce Law Tutor™ teaches all the PCLL examination courses. Tutorials are all live one to one and include mini-seminars on each topic plus examination preparation and Questions and Answers. Each course consists of 6  hours of live tutorials. We will go through past exam papers to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever questions come up.

More info about PCLL Conversion Exams:

For those intending to qualify as a lawyer in Hong Kong, who are overseas law students, studying for qualifying law degrees in other common law jurisdictions outside Hong Kong, they need to pass the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws “PCLL” Conversion Exams to enter the PCLL course (the professional stage of legal training in Hong Kong). To be eligible for admission to the PCLL, an applicant must demonstrate competence in 11 Core Law Subjects:

  1. Contract
  2. Tort
  3. Constitutional Law
  4. Criminal Law
  5. Land Law
  6. Equity
  7. Civil Procedure*
  8. Criminal Procedure*
  9. Evidence*
  10. Business Associations*
  11. Commercial Law*

Subjects 1 to 6 are usually covered in a qualifying law degree in common law jurisdictions (qualifying for entry to legal profession via the Legal Practice Course (“LPC”) or other courses.

If students did not graduate with a JD from City University, Chinese University of Hong Kong or Hong Kong University and do not have an exemption, then they must complete all core subjects 7-11 marked with an asterisk plus three top-up subjects in PCLL Conversion Exams:

  1. Hong Kong Constitutional Law
  2. Hong Kong Land Law
  3. Hong Kong Legal System.

The examination is managed by the Standing Committee on Legal Education and Training and is administered by the Conversion Examination Board Administration. In the tab “Links” you will find a link to the PCEA and a package of  information about exam arrangements.

Open book/Closed Book PCLL Conversion Exams

  • Civil Procedure: open book examination
  • Criminal Procedure: open book examination
  • Commercial Law: open book examination
  • Evidence: open book examination
  • Business Associations: open book examination
  • Hong Kong Constitutional Law: open book examination
  • Hong Kong Legal System: closed book examination
  • Hong Kong Land Law: open book examination.

PCLL Conversion Exam Dates for 2018

Examinations in January 2018 will be held in Hong Kong as follows:

To be announced……

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