OnlinePaymentAce Law Tutor™ is pleased to accept payments for fees by:

1.  HSBC (Hong Kong) bank transfer or deposit.  Bank account details will be provided on your e-invoice after booking; or

2. Paypal. For international students, based overseas, not in Hong Kong, you can pay by Paypal, once you get your e-invoice, you can click on the “Buy Now” button to pay.


1.匯豐銀行(香港)銀行轉帳或存款。 銀行帳戶詳細信息將在預訂後在您的電子發票上提供; 要么

  1. Paypal。 對於國際學生,在海外,不在香港,你可以支付通過Paypal,一旦你得到你的電子發票,你可以點擊“立即購買”按鈕付款。

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